Thursday, May 21, 2009

dolphin ears!

today, lisa was wearing such a cute pair of earrings that she made with jujubeads. i LOVE jujubeads! they are made by my friend Kim who is the bombdiggity of beadmakers!
here is a cute lil girl that came to the store today :)

kim and i met over 12 years ago, when we were both budding lampworkers (glass beadmakers). she has blossomed as an artist, and me? well, i'm her biggest fan and collector! we sell her beads and it's so difficult not to take them all home - today i adopted a grey kitty with pink cheeks, yay! come see proof of my dedication hanging as a mobile in the store!

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LisaS said...

Needed to make a correction on the "dolphin ears" ... Although, I'd love to take credit for the earrings, wonderful Kim of Juju Beadz fame, not only created the lovely and supah cute dolphins, she also assembled the lovely earrings! Everyone, check out Kim's web site and Jamie and Jason's bead store for Kim's creations! You might even stay a while and make something special for yourself and/or a friend! *;D