Saturday, May 30, 2009


i made this in a custom cuffcake class with jason!! my favorite teacher and btw my favorite husband!! i sat next to amanda, who did a good bit of filing for me, and michelle stamped my secret words on the inside. then when i got distracted by customers, jason finished hammering it out. so hmmmm, did i make it?? OF COURSE :) i put the leaves on!

it was so much fun, i can't wait to make another! i hope that amanda is in my class again - grin!

this is baby lanette or "babette", the creator of the cuffcake!! she was a lot younger in this photo :) stop by on a friday, and you can meet her in person. she makes AWESOME jewelry.. look she's already holding chain nose pliers in this photo!! just kidding.

this is lanette and amanda circa 2009.. without them i wouldn't be wearing my cuffcake today.. thank you!

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