Saturday, May 23, 2009

donuts and danishes

i finally finished my donuts and danishes bracelet! I LOVE IT! it's named thusly cause the knots look like the twist donuts at zippys, and michelle thought that the coily part looks like cheese danishes. we obviously love treats at tbg!

whew, i thought that making it with the silver wire a small challenge, but hand polishing it after i egged it made me break out in a sweat.. no kidding! i was going to bed, but i have to cool off first, thus the blog.

i also met my penpal from American Samoa today! Monique came to the store and visited with me after emailing each other for over 2 years.. it's so cool that we can get to know people with our fingers on a keyboard!

1 comment:

Opal said...

ohhh d&d looks fantastic now that it's been polished. now i really want to make one that i can oxidize.

isn't it great to meet a penpal? so nice to put a face to words. :)

happy sunday, jamie!