Wednesday, May 27, 2009

doggie bloggie

ruff ruff! i made this on memorial day! i'd been wanting to make a fluffy bracelet for a while, and was inspired by some brown vintage lucite beads. I remembered that i had some jujubead doggies in brown that have been hibernating in my iris containers, just waiting to break out!

JUJUBEAD fans, if you want to make one, let me know! I'm happy to help you figure out the layout/bead count and choose colors. You need 5-7 jujus :)


debbie said...

oh the fluffy doggie is so cute! maybe one day i should make a fluffy too - it's odd that i've never made one yet!

Karine said...

Tiffany was right I need to make one of these. I have Appts going right now but will call soon to sch time to make one. :)

Bead Girl said...

let me know whenever you want to make one, and i'm happy to show you how.. it'll just take minutes to do a layout and then you can sit in the corner to work on it or take it home :)