Friday, July 3, 2009

call me jamie spielberg!

pretty bracelets, i love you!! AND, i just finished this Curvee Bracelet DVD that shows how to make these puppies!

i must admit that i NEVER thought i'd be making DVD's, but with a lot of 1am apple web tutorials, and michelle's daily prodding, i finished my 3rd one, yay!

I really must admit, that i'd rather shoot, edit and produce the videos that make all those beadweaving samples.. i think i'd go blinder... or blinder.

*The biggest and best reason to watch this particular dvd is for the blooper section I added to at the end.. inspired by the many jackie chan movie ending bloopers that i've loved for so many years. you can hear me snorting, breathing hard and trying not to laugh, and the camera shaking while i'm laughing, as michelle valiantly pokes at the ant sized beads... haha!

1 comment:

debbie said...

ingenius! such composure with the hole finding....thanks for the face shot at the end - gotta put the faces with the hands and voices! btw - i need to come in for those wire protectors and crimp covers....see you this coming week and thanks for the movie - two thumbs up!