Sunday, July 19, 2009

golden herringbone

isn't this beautiful? sandy rosa (my needle and thread assistant teacher) made this and then, sad to say.... SHE GAVE IT TO MICHELLE! What?? HELLLO??? It fit me!!!!

well, i DO get to wear it at work... i love it.. it's so pretty!!! the seed beads have real gold lining in them too, shazam!~

today was a great day at work. lots of nice people came in, cathy o. had an awesome art clay class, akiko made like 20 charms in class.... and i limped around with hardly any pain. jon came in and re-taped my sprained ankle so it's all good now! i think i'll blog about my sprained ankle next. bye bye!

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Anonymous said...


I love this bracelet even if they are such tiny beads. I will join your teeny weeny beading class if I can make something like this.