Wednesday, July 29, 2009

i'm a movie-making mama!

know what this is?? it's our JUST FINISHED dvd project! michelle and i just wrapped up the final edit of the enchanted leaf earring dvd, YAY!!! jason's gonna burn these suckas tomorrow, yee haw :)

speaking of which, he got this dvd printer just for my dvd projects. he's so supportive of my new hobbies, i'm so lucky! it's a plastic thingy with a cd slot, that you feed into your color printer and it prints right onto the dvd and makes it look all "professional". i didn't even know something like that existed!

guess what's next? the treasure trove!!!

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Gina said...

I never knew a DVD printer existed either! It's so nice, it makes me want to burn discs too ... now what should I put on them??? Maybe my own collection of mixtapes :)