Saturday, July 25, 2009

my pretty amethyst

these look good enough to eat - straight out of a willy wonka bead store!
it's chunky juicy hunks of amethyst - so pretty! i've never been an amethyst fan - not in the 15+ years i've beaded, UNTIL a few months ago. don't know what came over me, but all of sudden i really am attracted to amethyst. the nice kind :)

just wanted to show my latest bracelet - good for spiritual protection and purification, especially handy in meditation.


***a special message of love to my brother's boyfriend, Dan. He was assisting as a volunteer fireman in 911 (Jarret and Dan live in New York), and whatever stuff he breathed in has left awful damage - he suffers unbelievable headaches and spends so much time in the hospital. they are in the e.r. again this month, at this very minute, and my bro called me in a panic.

please send out your message of healing and love to them, as well as to your loved ones :)
much mahalo!

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