Thursday, July 23, 2009

jamie, where you stay??

kumu karen at the byodo-in temple

maren, kat and melissa: my lomilomi ohana

aloha kakou!!
hey, this doesn't look like the bead gallery!! where in the world have i been? learning to do lomilomi, so when you come to tbg with stiff shoulders, tired hands, tight neck or tummy problems - i'm your girl :) well, sort of. there's a couple more classes i'd benefit from.

really though, tomorrow is my last day of lomilomi class and it's been an awesome experience. my kumu, karen carroll is awesome, not just because of her techniques and abilities, but in the way that she teaches and shares with all her heart. it's amazing, inspiring and it's refreshed my perspective inwards and outwards. please check her website at if that's something that interests you :)

hope you are all doing well, i'll be back......... this weekend!
luv and LOTS OF ALOHA! jamie

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