Monday, July 13, 2009

confessions of a non-bedmaker

so i've heard lots of people look at our store and say things like "wow, it's so clean", or "wow, it's so organized", etc. and i laugh cause i don't think it's my true nature. cleaning house sucks! i'd rather read, or cut paper, bead or tweeze my eyebrows. what's strange is that i somehow keep trying to tidy up.. i'm almost 40.. and i still ain't got it together. what's the point!!

here's amanda being crafty in my "living room". she sure looks super happy amongst the mess. i think that life shouldn't be about being clean and tidy.. we should be TOO DARN INVOLVED IN BEING HAPPY to worry about those things. agreed?


Val Kumia said...

I didn't know you could comment on the blog. Anyway, your house doesn't look messy, it just looks like a very creatively inspired space.

And the bracelet is beautiful. I have learn to make it.

Opal said...

it looks just perfect to me. :)